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Whether it is Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, or Commercial Insurance, shopping for insurance can be complicated. With all the different types of coverages, options, carriers, rating, and other factors, it is difficult just figuring out what you need well alone how much you should be paying. Add to that the fact that insurance is one of the few things that we buy and never hope to use...and under certain circumstances using it can cost us even more. The whole thing can be overwhelming. Let us help you. We will not only find the most competitive price for you, we will also help you find the coverage that best suits your specific needs. We represent a multitude of top quality carriers...such as Travelers Insurance Group and we are constantly shopping the market for the most competitive insurance carriers that Indiana has to offer. We do not charge additional Broker Fees, so you receive our Professional service, at no additional cost. This assures you Valued Customer Service, Quality Protection, and Excellent Claims support, all at the best price available.

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It is our goal to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible while selecting the right insurance for you and your family. Rest assured that while you are with HMSB Insurance we will make you feel like family.
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